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12.09.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 34. Spike is the bestest boyhunk ever there was. But you knew that.

• Also fixed the bad wrong French in the last chapter of Heart Don't Lie, just in case you know French and were laughing at me.

• Somebody made me a fanlisting! (Thanks, Desdemona!) No pressure to join it, I just love staring at the little button and pretending I have "fans". What? Shut up.

11.29.03 - "What To Expect When You're Expecting", Chapter 10 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie saga: Lessons in the language of love. And stuff.

11.17.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 32 and 33. Two updates in one day! Don't get used to it. ;)

• New awards: Thanks to those who voted at the Spuffies, C&B and In Heat won lots of awards, and I snagged "Best General Author". HDL won "Outstanding Series" at the FMYAs, All Over It got a nod at the Sugar Awards, C&B won "Judge's Choice" at the WYAs. These and a few other new awards are up here.

09.16.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 31. Something finally happens. Believe it or not.

09.05.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 30. Wherein the mantra begins to pay off. Please read revised Chapter 29 before you read this one, though.

09.04.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 29. Now with a higher quality version of the song, and a few revisions toward the end of the chapter. Please reread.

• New awards: The lovely and talented Kantayra gave love to In Heat and As In 'Recent'; In Heat won runner-up stuff at Blood Calling; Getting A Little Sexy won Best UC fic at the Vixen Fiction Awards; Crash and Burn is Lost Souls' Fic of the Moment. I'll be putting up these new awards next update.

• New Site of the Moment: Smut, smut, smut and more smut! And Buffy. And smut! Whee!

• Fixed the links page with additions, fixed and added some recs to the recs page. Added three new affiliates as well.

08.17.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapters 27-29. S/B, NC-17. Three new chapters, and the one with the song.

08.10.03 - "Maternal Instincts", Chapter 9 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie saga: Mom sizes up the crypt, Buffy makes Spike an offer he can't refuse, and chocolate ice cream is licked off of interesting places. S/B, NC-17.

Crash And Burn, Chapter 26. A trip to the 7-11. It's sexier than it sounds, I swear.

08.06.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapters 23-25. S/B, NC-17. Three new chapters to make up for my lack of dailies. More to come.

08.01.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 22. S/B, NC-17. Pineapple pizza and bondage. I mean, bonding. I always get those words confused.

07.21.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 21. S/B, NC-17. Buffy discovers the splendor of stall showers.

• New Site of the Moment: Spuffy Archives! Where alllll the Fantasy!Human!AU! lives. And where I live as well, most of the time. Oh yes. Oh, yes.

07.16.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 20. S/B, NC-17. Buffy + alcohol = unmixy things...

07.10.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 19. S/B, NC-17. What's Buffy doing in Spike's bed?

07.09.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 18. S/B, NC-17. Splashing around.

07.08.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 17. S/B, NC-17. Let the innuendo begin!

07.07.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 16. S/B, NC-17. Hangin' at Buffy's. Willow always knows, doesn't she?

07.06.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 15. S/B, NC-17. What goes down at St. Vigeous.

07.05.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 14. S/B, NC-17. Buffy gets an idea.

Awards: In Heat won the "We Missed the Bed Again" award at the Spuffy Awards! Thanks to those who voted. See the awards here.

07.03.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapter 13. S/B, NC-17. Stuff starts to happen.

07.01.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapters 10-12. S/B, NC-17. You can't stop me.

Awards: I won "Outstanding Author" at the Shades of Grey Awards, squee! Plus, "Slaying In", Skin on Skin and In Heat all won stuff too. See the awards here.

06.30.03 - Crash And Burn, Chapters 8-9. S/B, NC-17.

06.28.03 - "Good Cryptkeeping", Chapter 8 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie saga: Spike fixes up the crypt, because he really believes they can live there. Ha! Silly rabbit, crypts aren't for kids... S/B, NC-17.

AU SERIES: Crash And Burn. Buffy's an 18-year old Valley brat. Spike's a recently jilted 20-something expat slacker. Smash 'em together on a mountain road, and what do you get? Nauti's first Fantasy AU fic! (IE, no slayers, no vampires -- oh, yes I did!) Find out why and how I lost my mind here, and then, if you dare, start the story here. Chapters 1-7 are up now; many more to come. S/B, NC-17.

Awards: Wild Things, "As In 'Recent'", All Over It and "Clark Can't" all won stuff at the Fancy Me Yours Awards! Also won Best Fanfiction Site at the Angelic Enemies Awards.

• Join my mailing list and find out when I update my fic! Click here, fill out the above "join" thing, or send an email to [email protected]. No spam, just glorious update notifications. Over 2300 members strong.

06.18.03 - Made slight revisions to all posted chapters of Heart Don't Lie. (This is what happens when I reread for continuity.)

06.15.03 - "Cryptic Massages", Chapter 7 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie saga: Where do they go from here? S/B, NC-17.

Awards: Wild Things won Best Revamped Episode Fic at the Vampire Kisses Awards! Sweet. Also forgot to mention that "Checkmate" was chosen as a Featured Fic over at Destructo Girl.

• Reworked the awards page and added more recs to the recs page. More to come, since I've actually been reading. (gasp!)

05.27.03 - "All Or Nothing", Chapter 6 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie saga: Things are not as they seem... or are they? S/B, Not NC-17.

"Rather Be", a 100-word challenge response, companion to In Heat. R.

"Late", a 100-word challenge response, set in S7. S/B, NC-17.

Awards: "A Bunny In The Oven" won Best Baby Fic at the Timeless Awards! I've also been asked to be a Featured Author at The Angry Chad! I feel so pretty.

Layout change: Handy-dandy update bar on the right, so you never have to read through all this crap again.

05.16.03 - "Of Undead Bondage", Chapter 5 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie (aka "A Bunny in the Oven") saga: The truth is finally revealed... S/B, NC-17.

05.09.03 - Site of the Moment: Vampire's Kiss, an extensive multi-author S/B fic archive. Go, read, drool.

04.25.03 - I Dream of Buffy, my site dedicated to dreams about the Buffyverse, is live! Now with analysis tools, essays and a shiny-new forum that you must go register at if you've ever had a BtVS or Angel dream.

Buffy illustrations in the multimedia section by Mike. Drool over 'em all you want, but don't steal--they're MINE, MINE ALL MINE! Also new, a fantabulous and wonderfully sweet fansign type thing by remy-zen for my story "Enthralled".

Awards: "Back and Forth" won Best Short Story, All Over It got Best Smut Runner Up, and I got Best General Author Runner Up at the Spuffy Awards. I'm also Author of the Month over at Vampire Whores!

• The guestbook is all pretty now! I just now realized I could customize it. Feeling adventurous? Go on and sign it with your bad self.

Attention fanfiction archivists: I have a new policy regarding my fic, and that's LINKS ONLY, with very few exceptions. If I haven't contacted you, please delete my story files and change your links to offsite urls here at my site. If that's too much trouble, feel free to delete my stuff entirely. Many thanks!

04.07.03 - Site of the Month: We Band of Buggered.

New awards: In Heat got "Classic" props from Forbidden Love, "Just A Taste" won Best Bite at the Lost Souls Awards, and Becoming Kate got Best AU Runner Up at the Vixen Fiction Awards.

03.24.03 - "Split Decision", Chapter 4 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie (aka "A Bunny in the Oven") saga: Buffy makes her decision! S/B, NC-17.

03.20.03 - S7 ficlet: "As In 'Recent'" - Mid-'Storyteller'. Is that 'history' more recent than Andrew thinks? S/B, NC-17.

03.17.03 - "Quickening", Chapter 3 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie (aka "A Bunny in the Oven"): Uh-oh, something's wrong--time to panic! S/B, NC-17.

Captivated won Outstanding NC-17 Series at the Fancy Me Yours Awards, and Best Series and Rough & Tumble at the Immortal Moonlight Awards. "Slaying In" won Best Fluff Fiction. Also, Naughty Bits is the Site of the Month over at Angel Slaya.

03.08.03 - New Site of the Month: All About Spike.

• "Getting A Little Sexy" won Best Slash at the Shades of Grey Awards; "Back and Forth" won Best Short Fic at the Stay Beautiful Awards.

02.28.03 - "A Demon in the Sack", Chapter 2 of the WIP Heart Don't Lie (aka "A Bunny in the Oven") is up! The day after Buffy's discovery, our wascally wabbits can't seem to stay away from each other, no matter how hard they try... Oh the pain. S/B, NC-17.

• Brand-new, complete, 5-part smutfest, All Over It! Pre-Lover's Walk, Buffy's gotta stop an apocalypse. Luckily, Spike's back in town and has just the stuff she needs. S/B, NC-17.

02.13.03 - New smutty S/B ficlet! "Back and Forth": Buffy is feeling sexy after her date. She does something about it. Post-"First Date." NC-17.

In Heat won Spike Fic of 2002 and Best Spike/Buffy Series from The Spiked Awards! An Anya line from "Truce or Dare" won Hon Mention at the Rabid Rabbit Awards. Also, "Three" won second place for Three Character Fic at the Believe Awards.

02.05.03 - Site of the Month: Put Your Hands is a fantastic link resource for all things Spike.

01.20.03 - Vampire's Kiss gave In Heat a Sexy Dreams Award!

01.18.03 - "Helpful Guy", the Buffy/Giles installment of In Heat Variations, in which I take the plot of In Heat and pair Buffy with just about everyone. NC-17.

01.17.03 - Becoming Kate, the Kate/Faith, Buffy/Willow, B/W/F, Buffy/William(ish) AU extravanganza is done. (For those who are wondering? Kate's that cop on Angel.) NC-17, angst, femslash.

• YGTS gave me the challenge of Anya/Willow porn in script format. "Getting A Little Sexy". NC-17.

"Clark Can't", which isn't exactly Chloe/Lana, because of the ep's twist, but it worked for LoveBytez, and she's been bugging me to write Chlana porn ever since Smallville started. NC-17, femslash.

The Forbidden Love Awards bestowed Peaches & Herbs with the It's My Birthday Holiday Award. And Naughty Bits got runner-up for Best Fanfiction Site at the Vampires Bite Awards, as well as a nifty Judge's Choice plaque.

01.12.03 - Happy new year! A bit of a site re-org: the "Thanks" page has been combined with the "TMI" page, which is now called About. Also, Naughty Bits won Best Fanfiction Site at The Passion Awards.

12.15.02 - Look up there! It's a new thing I'm doing, to thank those who have driven countless unfortunates to my site. The first Naughty Bits Site of the Month is Dangerous Allies.

12.07.02 - Captivated is complete with final chapter, 'So Much To Yearn'. NC-17.

12.05.02 - One, Two, Three won 1st runner-up for Best Threesome at the Fancy Me Yours Awards; Come Alive won Best Short Fiction at the Immortal Moonlight Awards; and I got a bunch of Best Fanfiction Site/Archive/Author Awards!

11.19.02 - Chapter 4 of Captivated, 'Stupid Thing' is up!

11.12.02 - The store section is done, whee! Now you can buy fun Buffy stuff whilst supporting this domain--it's like two birds in the hand. Or something. I also added 'make a donation' buttons all over the site. Not that I expect anything, as free non-profit fanfiction is your right, but help with hosting fees and such sure is appreciated.

11.09.02 - Naughty Bits is Site of the Month at Put Your Hands and Site of the Week at All About Spike!

10.16.02 - Chapter 3 of Captivated, 'Co-Ed Naked Metal Twisting' is up!

10.11.02 - Chapter 2 of Captivated, 'Indecent Exposure' is up!

10.02.02 - Welcome - at long last - to the new and improved House o' Nauti, sporting a whole new look, new address, new features, no ads, and most importantly, bandwidth aplenty! No longer will you be harangued by pesky 'temporarily suspended' notices! No longer will you have to wait breathlessly for the Spuffy pornography you KNOW you deserve! From now on there shall be unlimited smut reading for ALL!!!


This past July marked a year since the opening of my old site (and believe it or not, this January will mark a year since I started to plan this site - for shame), so happy birthday to me and so on. Appallingly late though I am, I'm also just in time! Now that no longer accepts NC-17 content, this is the ONLY place you'll find ALL my fic. Which reminds me...

• Spike and Buffy get cuffed buck-nekkid to a bed in the Season 3 WIP romp, Captivated. Someone thinks it's just plain unsanitary. NC-17.

• Le Buffy/Faith -> Spike/Buffy/Faith trilogy One, Two, Three: Fun with lesbianism, threeways and alternating POVs! NC-17.

• I recently joined the ultra-nifty BtVS fic challenge site You Got the Stones? and I'm having a blast writing all kinds of bizarre fic I'd never dream up in a million years. All coming eventually (I no longer say "soon").





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