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Winner of several awards including the 'Is It Hot In Here or Is It Just My Story?' from Tainted Love.

"I won't play second fiddle to a vampire," Riley snarled.

"You're not! You're...first fiddle!" Buffy cried. "He's not even a fiddle!"


BODY SHOTS: Faith, wearing Buffy's body, has just met Spike for the first time--except in my version, she screws him silly. When back-to-normal Buffy finds out, she's not amused. Season 4, starts during 'Who Are You' and goes from there. Crosses over with Angel. Some Spike/Faith, but this is an S/B romance. [NC17]

Romance | Comedy | Smut
Plot With Porn

Completed July 2001
Revised April 2004

1. Why Not? | 2. Under It | 3. Mine
4. Slip | 5. Crossing Paths
6. Gotta Have Faith | 7. Quadrangle
8. Into the Fire | 9. Happy


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Winner of 'Ultimate Threesome Fic' award from FMYA Ultimates

They don't have to tell me what room it is. I can hear her, mewling and panting like a little bitch in heat. And the scent... the musk of two Slayers? Powerful enough to knock a lesser vampire out. Surprised I couldn't smell it from the highway.


ONE, TWO, THREE: With Faith leading the way, Buffy finally 'lets go' and becomes that 'force' she keeps yammering about... and Spike makes three. Contains Spike/Buffy, Spike/Faith, and B/F (femslash). [NC17]

Smut | More Smut | Angst | Romance
Porn Without Plot

Started September 2001
Completed July 2002

1. One (Buffy/Faith)
2. Two (Buffy/Faith; Spike POV)
3. Three (Buffy/Faith/Spike; Angel POV)


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These stories nominated for several awards including 'Best Short', 'Best Comedy' and 'Best Angst'.

Willow trembled. "Wow, that was... intense. All of a sudden he was just... inside of my brain, and I had no control at all. And... hey, feeling a little violated now."

"Sorry," Spike said.

- Enthralled

"It sounded really good though, the song? It had like, orchestration and stuff. And it was daytime. I'd never seen you in that light before," she added with a sleepy giggle.

"Not my mos' flattering light, love. Take me word fer it."

- Spirit


QUICKIES: Standalones and ficlets.

Spirit: Post-'Gift'. Distraught over Buffy's death, a drunk and disorderly Spike visits the Summers home. Spike/Dawn friendship. [PG13]

Enthralled: Mid-'Doomed', the subject of hypnosis comes up: can Spike do it? Buffy doesn't think so. This is essentially S/B, but has a teeny PG Spike/Willow moment. Winner of "Best Short Story" at Love's Last Glimpse Awards. [R]




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