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NautiBitz is an art director by day, singer-songwriter by the
light of the silvery once-in-a-blue-moon, and a writer whenever she's mildly coherent.

After developing an unhealthy obsession with the Buffy/Spike dynamic
at the end of Season 5's "Out of My Mind" in 2000, she scoured the web for
every piece of smutty fiction available on the pairing.
When there was no more to read, she wrote some herself.

It all went downhill from there.

These days, it's easy to spot Nauti. She's the one babbling,
"Sweatsoaked! Upside down! Thrusting... Over the chair! With tongs!"
in the local iHop and other fine family establishments.

Nauti domiciles in a posh NYC 'burb with her boo Love, two fierce yet cuddly dogs, five fish, a G4 PowerBook and a collection of shiny red things. Soon she'll be relocating to Los Angeles to write porn movies and wholesome family TV programming. Or something.

She insists that in real life,
she's very seldom naughty.

Nauti is every woman. It's all in Nauti...

Creator and moderator of "I Dream of Buffy"
Lead singer/songwriter: Girl, D-Cup, Jezebel Red (all defunct)
Co-editrix and staffwriter 'Jezabel':

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Thanks For All The Sex!
AKA "Acknowledgments"

LoveBytez, my ever-muse and everything, who constantly gives me fuel for my writing, especially the naughty bits. She even reads my stuff and gives fabulously constructive feedback when I know she'd much rather be playing LotR on Gamecube or surfing eBay.

• My outrageously patient beta-readers, past and present: little_bit, Rabid/Raeann, Moose, Rilla, Toga, Kimi, HarmonyFB, KJ Draft, Annie Sewell-Jennings, Limber, Keren, Roxane and VicNoir. Each excellent writers in their own right, they've taken time out of their busy schedules to read my drafts, comment, and help me when I'm stuck, and I lurve them for it.

Everyone who's ever sent me feedback, nominated my fiction or site for an award, or recommended either in a public forum. Rock on.

• The Spike/Buffy fanfic queens, Laure Alexander and Saber ShadowKitten, the impossibly prolific writers who inspired me to try my hand, have given me great feedback and encouragement, and who continue to captivate me with their own work.

• My dogs for rolling all over the laptop whenever I try to write, thus keeping my priorities straight.

• Thanks to Joss Whedon (& 20th Century Fox et al) for not throwing me and every other fanfiction writer in the clink. On behalf of all smut writers I apologize to you, your staff, and the actors for systematically disrobing and molesting the lovely characters you created.

• And thank YOU if you've read this far. You must be extremely thorough, and I respect that.


• The screen captures on this site are courtesy of, The Buffy Paradox, A Buffy Screencap Site,, and/or Those that required permission kindly granted it, and I am grateful.









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