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Winner of 'Ultimate Threesome Fic' award from FMYA Ultimates

They don't have to tell me what room it is. I can hear her, mewling and panting like a little bitch in heat. And the scent... the musk of two Slayers? Powerful enough to knock a lesser vampire out. Surprised I couldn't smell it from the highway.


ONE, TWO, THREE: With Faith leading the way, Buffy finally 'lets go' and becomes that 'force' she keeps yammering about... and Spike makes three. Contains Buffy/Faith and B/F/S (femslash). [NC17]

Smut | Angst | Romance
Porn Without Plot

Started September 2001
Completed July 2002

1. One (Buffy/Faith)
2. Two (Buffy/Faith; Spike POV)
3. Three (Buffy/Faith/Spike; Angel POV)


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Winner of 'Best AU' Runner Up at the Vixen Fiction Awards

"Kitty's no fun anymore."

"I keep telling you," Buffy teasingly chastises. "That's what happens when you eat too fast."

"But she tasted so good." Willow coyly licks her lips. "Wanna see?"

BECOMING KATE: A young Kate Lockley suffers the consequences of sleeping with her ensouled vampire lover, Faith. Extreme AU in response to a YGTS? challenge. (This is not a Buffy/Spike story, although they're both a way. And they do share an intimate moment.) Femslash, graphic vampy violence and character death. Kate/Faith, Buffy/Willow, B/F/W, Buffy/William. [NC-17]

Started July 2002. Completed January 2003.

1. Katie Did
2. Soul Survivor
3. Family
4. Slayers Don't Cry


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"Buffy, you're not yourself!" He pushed her knee away. "You're not making sense."

"I think it makes perfect sense," she said, hands dancing on his shirt buttons. "I need your help, and you can help. You're Helpful Guy..."

-Helpful Guy

IN HEAT VARIATIONS: Someone once suggested that I could manipulate the plot of my In Heat S/B series to pair Buffy up with just about anyone in the Buffyverse. Naturally, I took this as a pair her with EVERYONE.

Summary: A slew of displaced demons are desperate for potential mates--and Slayers happen to fit the bill. Their pheromone heat wave is getting Buffy hot and bothered, and there's only one way to get her back to fighting form... [NC17]

Each story below is a standalone. Many are unfinished and will be added soon.

Season 3 Variations:

Helpful Guy (Buffy/Giles)
Like 'Helpless', only different. A lot different.

On Fire (Buffy/Angel)
He may be cursed, but he's not completely useless.

Two Hot (Buffy/Faith)
Two Slayers, two candidates for demon lovin'. But who needs demons?

Like I Care (Buffy/Cordelia)
There's no way out, and there's only one thing left to do...

The Cure (Buffy/Vamp Willow)
I couldn't resist. 'Doppelgangland' gets a new subplot!

Oz-Sitting (Buffy/Oz)
Buffy is Oz-sitting in the library. With just fifteen minutes to sunset, the demons break in. (No, there is no beastiality in this fic!)

Abasement (Buffy/Xander)
Buffy needs help, and Xander lives so close by...

Season 5 Variations:

Heating Up (Buffy/Xander/Anya)
Buffy gets to Xander and Anya's apartment just as things are heating up.

Watch This (Buffy/Giles)

It's his duty, after all.

Heavy Sweating (Buffy/Willow)

Buffy needs Willow to ease her discomfort.

Spell It Out (Buffy/Tara)

Tara lends a magic hand.

Swing (Buffy/Willow/Tara)

Threeway in the playground. Whee!

Not Me (Buffy/Buffybot)

Willow programs the Buffybot for an important purpose. Buffy isn't interested... at first.

Sweating Bullets (Buffy/Gunn)
Gunn is sent to Sunnydale, thanks to a new Cordelia-vision that implies that Buffy needs his help. And she does.


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"Hello, Xander," the Bot said, smiling wide. "I love it when you call me sexy. Would you like to make me feel good with your tongue again?"

- Different, and Not Better

Not looking back--looking forward. Robin, his name is Robin, and his eyes are dark and glinting with mischief. Mystery. She wants to know more. Everything.

Doesn't she?

- Back and Forth

QUICKIES: Standalones and ficlets, arranged by BtVS timeline.

Different, and Not Better: Post-'Grave', Dawn makes a wish and wackiness ensues, including a little Buffybot/Xander lovin'. Winner of "Best Dawn Fic" at the Angel/Buffy Awards. [PG13]

Back and Forth: Post-'First Date' (spoilers for that ep). Buffy's feeling sexy. She does something about it. Mostly S/B, with minor Buffy/Wood implications. Winner of several awards including "Best Short", "Best Rewritten" and "Best Smut". [NC17]


Coming Next: The Buffy/Buffybot installment of IN HEAT VARIATIONS.


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