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Winner of 'Best AU' Runner Up at the Vixen Fiction Awards

"You know jack shit about Kate. You think watching her block a few kicks gives you some kinda supreme insight? Think again, sister. I know her deepest darkests. I know her fears, her weaknesses... I know what makes her cry. I know what makes her shiver, what gives her that deep-down tickle, you got me? I know what makes her come, three times in a row, one after the other. When you top that, Buffy, you let me know."


BECOMING KATE: A young Kate Lockley suffers the consequences of sleeping with her ensouled vampire lover, Faith. Extreme AU in response to a YGTS? challenge. (This is not a Buffy/Spike story, although they're both a way. And they do share an intimate moment.) Femslash, graphic vampy violence and character death. Kate/Faith, Buffy/Willow, B/F/W, Buffy/William. [NC-17]

Started July 2002
Completed January 2003

1. Katie Did
2. Soul Survivor
3. Family
4. Slayers Don't Cry


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"So I filled in a few blanks, all right?" Anya admitted hurriedly. "It's what vengeance demons do. Now my worst nightmare has come true." She pointed at Dawn. "And it's all your fault!"

- Different, and Not Better

WILLOW: She uh... We... It was fine. Look, Anya, I don't know if I feel comfortable talking about this with--

ANYA: I was gay once.

- Getting A Little Sexy

"That's what you told me. 'Spike is the closest thing I have to a male friend', you said."

"I was being caustic and regretful!"

- Vanishing Act

Anya scoffed at Xander. "Are you giving me orders?"

"Uh-oh," Spike sang jauntily. "I smell a vengeance comin' on."

- Just A Taste

Xander's eyes glazed over. "This is the best dream ever."

- Spin the Bottle

QUICKIES: Standalones and ficlets.

Different, and Not Better: Post-'Grave', Dawn makes a wish and wackiness ensues. A general semi-sillyfic featuring Dawn, Anya, Tara...and the rest of the gang, not acting quite like themselves. Answer to a YGTS? challenge. Winner of "Best Dawn Fic" at the Angel/Buffy Awards. [PG13]

Getting A Little Sexy: Post-'Showtime', Anya walks in on Willow and Kennedy en flagrante delicto. Anya/Wi smut ensues. Answer to a YGTS? challenge. Script format. Femslash. Winner of "Best Slash" and "Best Willow/Anya". [NC17]

Vanishing Act: Post-'Gone', Buffy, Xander and Anya have a little mid-research chat about their favorite vampire. Buffy bails, Anya gets suspicious, and Xander finally swims out of DeNile. Very PG Xander/Anya. [PG13]

Just A Taste: Post-'Pangs', Buffy's mad. Spike is hungry. Things get tasty. Xander/Anya implied. Winner of a Lost Souls Award. [R]

Spin the Bottle: First part of my S/B-heavy Wild Things series, this features fun femslash kissage. B/Anya, W/Anya, W/T, T/Anya. X/Anya implied. [R]



Coming Eventually: Cordy/Angel time-blippy smut


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"Because there are some things Clark doesn't know... Some things Clark can't do; things he won't do..." Her voice lowers to a whisper, breath hot against Lana's ear. "Ever thought about it, Lana?"

CLARK CAN'T: A smutty rewrite of the Tina-as-Chloe/Lana scene in S2's "Visage". Contains femslash. Winner of "Best F/F Slash" and "Best Shipper Fic R-Up" at the Fancy Me Yours Awards. [NC17]

Written January 2003



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