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When a few people asked me to flesh out what 'really happened' during Buffy and Spike's first tryst, I knew I couldn't do it justice. But I knew others who could, so I passed the buck by issuing this challenge.

The Challenge: Fill in the blanks between "Smashed" and "Wrecked". Bonus for serious NC-17. Take cues from what was said or seen in "Wrecked" and write out what went on from dusk til dawn. Hints: •The "little nasties" they whispered. •Whatever could Buffy "behaving like a vampire" mean? • The visible they got there, please. •What constitutes as the most "perverse, degrading" night of their lives? •LOTS of times--so many even he lost count. You don't have to write them all, just the ones that grab ya. •When did those panties get in his pocket? •"Bent", huh? •"Limpy" and "sore" Buffy. It must take a LOT for her to limp. •Just when DID the house fall down?

The Prize: The certificate above, inclusion in this section, and most likely a ton of monosyllabic praise from S/B 'shippers everywhere.

Most of the links below are to outside sources, many to I am not responsible if any outside server is down--please don't email me if you cannot access an outside link. Just wait a while and try again. If you want to leave feedback, please send directly to authors (or post a review if it's at

WARNING: Most of the fics below are rated [NC-17]. See above disclaimer.

by 1st Rab-id

Marked Woman
by Archivesgrrl

Everything Is Wrong
by DivaDelilah

by Figtoria

Tooth and Nail
by KJ Draft

The Favourite
by Klytaimnestra

Shagged: The Night Before The Morning After
by Lady Macphisto

Truths In The Night
by Leadlight

Not Quite Human
by Molly

The Night the Walls Came Tumbling Down
by Sarahvampgrl

Holy Wine
by Snakecharmer

Feel The Burn
by Wajoma


Smashed/Wrecked fics not in response to this challenge:

by Annalore

Lightning Striking Everywhere
by Anne Hedonia

Equal Opportunities
by Ariana

Heroes and Villains
by Gillian Silverlight

Dreaming of Oceans
by Ginmar

Sounds of Silence
by Laure Alexander

by Rykahna Wil Troi

Walls of Jericho
by Samantha


This one does NOT take place between Smashed/Wrecked,
but was nevertheless inspired by this challenge:

Stuck in the Middle With You
by Toga



Have you written your own version of what happened that night?
Completionist that I am, I'd love to include it here,
as long as it's already hosted elsewhere.
Send me an email with a link to the story!




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