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Suggested Song List
(more added 12.14.04)

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New format and suggestions by Fotada (thanks!)


Mum's in the shower.
Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing - Chris Isaak
You ever pray with all your heart and soul
just to watch her walk away?

Driving lesson.
Secret - Maroon 5
As you wipe off beads of sweat,
slowly you say, "I'm not there yet"

Virgin, you must mean.
Goodbye - Ghost of the Robot
You're too young for me but,
think if I kiss you that would be fine

Can't say no to you.
In The Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes
You make me feel a little older
like a full grown woman might

You need to feel this.
Pleasure of Love - Tom Tom Club
And I could not resist a calculated risk
'cause he was o-o-o-over me, oh oh oh

We can be quick.
Need You Tonight - INXS
There’s something about you girl
that makes me sweat

Teenaged and randy.
Death or Glory - The Clash
Ends up making payments on a sofa or a girl

She was always in control.
Feelin' Love - Paula Cole
And you would open the door and tie me up to the bed

The eyes of the law need glasses.
Father Figure - George Michael
Sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime

He was that guy.
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Eddie Vedder
Here I stand, head in hand

Well, I just ate a delicious meal.
Wafflehead - Robyn Hitchcock
I smirk and I drool 'cause I'm her fool

When did she start listening to punk?
Sixteen - Iggy Pop
Body and soul I give to you

God, you know it, why do you make me say it?
Somewhere In Between - Lifehouse
Would you catch me if I fall out of what I fell in?

Expanding her musical horizons.
Lovesong - The Cure
Whenever I'm alone with you,
you make me feel like I am clean again

Promise me.
Sweet Sixteen - Billy Idol
Gave my heart an engagement ring

Only you.
Justify My Love - Madonna
Love me. That's right, love me

A soft kiss to seal the deal.
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Spinning on that dizzy edge,
I dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow



This is kind of a list in progress, up to you which songs you choose. If you think there's a song that belongs on this list, let me know!



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