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By NautiBitz

Title: Older

Author: NautiBitz (

Show | Pairing | Rating : Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Spike/Buffy | NC-17/M (not for kids)

Summary: A novel-length super-AU (everyone's human) story in which Spike is Buffy's new stepfather and they can't help but have a torrid, sekrit affair and fall crazy in love.

Originally Published/Completed: July 2003 / Oct. 2004

Genres: AU Fantasy, Smut, Drama, Romance

Stats: 22 chapters | 223 pgs | 61,584 words | Available via download only

Awards Won: "Best Fantasy Saga" from The Spuffy Awards, "Best Smut With Plot" from The Fool For Love Awards, "The Ecstasy Award" from The Forbidden Awards, "Best Smut" from Love Is Blood Awards and the Shagging Like Bunnies Awards, and more. See 'em in all their shiny glory here.

Author's Note: This story is NOT for everyone. Download at your own risk. Please read the enclosed introduction to avoid any surprises.

Soundtrack: This fic mentions or excerpts the following songs/albums: Iggy Pop "Sweet Sixteen", The Cure "Lovesong", The Clash London Calling. Some of this fine music can be sampled and/or purchased via my store (powered by Amazon).

Gallery: See all the beautiful fanart inspired by this story here.

Videos: Watch the amazing fan-created videos inspired by this story here.

Distribution: Links only, please. Do not reprint. Do not translate. And for the love of Pete, don't leave it lying around on your computer at work!

PLEASE: Do not post this fanfiction, in part or in whole, anywhere else. Do not translate into another language and post anywhere else. If you see it posted anywhere else in any form, please let me know. Thank you for respecting my decision to keep this story contained.

Disclaimer: Buffy and Spike et al, are property of Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. I merely use them as pawns in my perverse fantasies, and sometimes for chores.

Rights: The text I have written is not YOURS to paste into your own fic in any way, shape or form. That is called plagiarism, and it is not cool. Not that YOU would ever do that, because YOU are awesome. Obviously. :)

Feedback: If loving feedback is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


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Older, the Soundtrack

Older, The Origin!
(1st posted incarnation - July 2003)
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Older, The Disclaimer LJ Entry

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