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Last updated 02.09.04



02.09: New Season 5 Buffy/Spike/Riley fic
(no actual slash ...curious?), Stale Cigarettes. Rated NC-17.

KJ won 2 awards for "Outstanding NC-17 Writer - Runner Up"
at the FMYA Ultimates! See the awards here.

05.27: New Season 7 Buffy/Spike/Faith fic, Loan Out. Rated NC-17.

03.15: New Season 7 Buffy/Spike fic, An Empty Place. Rated NC-17.

KJ won "Choice Author" at the Immortal Moonlight Awards,
snagged Runner up for "Best NC-17 Author" (in two categories!)
and "Best PWP Fic" for Faded Eyeliner at the Fancy Me Yours Awards!
New nominations too. See it all here.

02.10: Faded Eyeliner won "Best Slash Fic" at the Bite Me Awards!
See the award here. Still Life In Sunnydale won an Honorable
Mention at the Spiked Awards. Links page updated.

01.25: New Season 6 Buffy/Giles fic, Safe. Rated NC-17.

01.23: Bruised won "Best PWP" at the Shades of Grey Awards,
plus Exfoliated (who is also a new affiliate) awarded
with a Recommendation graphic.
New nominations too--check out the awards section.

01.05: Many new nominations in the awards section.

12.09: New Season 3 Buffy/Faith fic, Faded Eyeliner. Rated NC-17.
What She Needs won first runner up for
Best Angst at the Fancy Me Yours Awards
Awards page has been updated.

11.08: New Season 6 fic, Bruised. Rated NC-17.
KJ and two of her fics have been nominated at the Fancy Me Yours Awards
About page has been updated.

10.17: New post-'Beneath You' fic, Symmetry. Rated NC-17.


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