A B O U T - O L D E R

A Novel-Length Very-AU Buffy/Spike Story
for Mature Audiences Only

Started July 2003
Completed October 2004



Older is a novel-length story for mature readers based loosely on characters from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because of the looseness and lack of supernatural element, as fanfiction it's considered "Human AU" or "Fantasy AU" or "An Embarrassment to the Fandom", i.e., characters removed from Buffy's vampiric universe and transplanted in the real world. While the characterizations are vastly compromised for the sake of the story (viva la smut!), they're still fairly recognizable (they look and talk the same but their personalities, uh, may vary). Why did I use these characters only to change them? Because I adore them and enjoy imagining them in new scenarios that address what they might be like with different backstories, and how their "I shouldn't love you but I do" relationship could translate in the real world in new and dirty ways. Also, they're rilly pretty and like totally belong 2getha 4EVAH!!!!!1.

As is customary in fanfiction, I skipped the physical descriptions. For familiarity's sake, just about every supporting character, save Spike's co-workers and some of Joyce's family, are borrowed from the Buffyverse as well and were chosen carefully for specific reasons that made perfect sense at the time. If you're not familiar with Buffy, all you need to know is this: Buffy is played by that 3-named blonde chick from Cruel Intentions, and Spike is cocky and English and ridiculously good-looking, like an '80s Billy Idol sans rubber pants.

To be sure, this story isn't for everyone. It depicts 36 year-old Spike (who is not and has never been a vampire) as a new stepfather to 16 year-old Buffy (who is not and never will be a vampire slayer). Buffy seduces Spike. They have a torrid, illicit affair behind Joyce(still Buffy's mother)'s back and fall madly in love. In the state of California, Spike's actions are illegal (because of her age). Let it be noted that I don't in reality advocate this behavior, and I didn't write this with the intention of making a statement or of shocking anyone or, for that matter, creating anything exceptional -- I wrote it because the opening scenario popped into my head one day and I thought it was hot, and therefore could not rest until it was realized on paper. (It's a thing.) It grew into much a larger story than I expected because I was encouraged to pad it with new scenes. Over the past year I've done several (thousand) revisions. This is the latest, the largest, and, let's hope for the benefit of my sanity, the last -- it helps that it's the only one to feature the words "The End". If you've read most of this before, I strongly suggest you reread from the beginning for a more satisfying payoff.

Some people find this story offensive -- in some cases, too offensive and/or upsetting to continue. Some people wonder what the big deal is, and are disappointed that it isn't more outrageous. I, being the writer, Goldilocks somewhere in the middle, and I hope you will too, but if you can't, we're still cool. It's just a sex story, and as much as I'd like to show you a good time, our kinks can't always align. I will let you in on a little secret though: despite the taboo premise, the sex scenes are pretty darn vanilla, the angst is short-lived (except where gratifying to extend), Joyce turns out fine, and much like everything else I write about these two crazy kids, Older is at heart an idealistic romance. That's right, a sordid tale of forbidden love in which no one is punished, no one (important) dies, and everyone ends up happy! Shhhh baby, don't ask, don't tell, don't say another word -- just lie back, take off your clothes and let Nauti take you on a magical make-believe carpet ride to Never-Happen Land.

Or don't. Whatevs.

-NautiBitz, October 2004



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