Title: Fifty-Seven Minutes

Author: BitiBot

Summary: Post-Gift, Dawn is out for the night, and Willow has a surprise for Tara...

Pairing: Willow/Tara/Buffybot

Rating: NC-17 | F/F | Objectification of an Object

Disclaimer: A huge corporation, namely 20th Century Fox, owns all the characters that Joss & Co created. I am merely bending said characters to my own perverted will for no personal profit whatsoever.

Winner of Best NC-17 Slash, Vixen Fiction Awards and Best Threesome 1st Runner Up, Fancy Me Yours Awards

"It's so nice having the house all to ourselves," Tara said, smoothing a tress of auburn hair from her lover's face. She added quietly, "If you don't count the Bot, I mean."

"Speaking of," Willow said as she flicked her wrist to light several more candles in the room, "I have a little surprise for you."

One corner of Tara's mouth curled upwards. "What kind of surprise?"

"Just--promise you won't freak."

"Freak?" Tara asked. "It's freak-worthy?"

"Do ya promise?"

Tara nodded. This was Willow, after all. How freaky could it possibly be? "I promise."

Lifting her head from the pillow, the redhead called out, "Buffy? Come on in!"

Tara jumped, yanking the sheet up to cover her nudity. "B-Buffy? Wha..."

"You promised," Willow warned.

Their bedroom door opened, and in walked the Buffybot, wearing a deep blue silk kimono and a wide grin. She paused at the foot of the bed.

"What, wh...what's happening?" Tara stammered.

Still smiling, Buffybot untied her sash, and dropped her kimono to the floor.

Willow leaned in with a proud utterance: "I programmed her special just for tonight."

Tara gaped at her girlfriend. "What the hell?"

"What?" Willow asked, the picture of innocence. "You were the one who started me thinking..."

"I didn't mean I wanted to do it for real! I thought we were just kidding around when we..." her voice lowered to a fierce whisper, "talked about it!"

"You were mighty turned on for someone who was 'just kidding around,'" Willow pointed out with a smirk.

"Willow!" Tara chided, uncomfortable with having this discussion in front of the subject. The...very naked subject. She peeked at Buffybot, who was frowning.

"You don't want to play with me?" Buffybot asked, blinking. "You think I'm unattractive?"

"No, no..." Tara explained. "I think you're...you're beautiful. Really! It's just...um..." She whipped her head to glare angrily at Willow.

"Tara," Willow reassured. "You're freaking. It's okay." She added under her breath, "She won't remember any of it tomorrow."

"Willow, this is wrong," Tara began. "This is so wrong on so many levels."

Willow smiled. "And that's why it's kinda fun."

"I want to have fun," Buffybot stated plainly, smile back on. "With both of you. All night long."

"I--" Tara stuttered as the robot version of her lover's best friend stepped forward. She turned to Willow and hissed, "I can't believe you made her into a sextoy!"

"But I'm not a sextoy," Buffybot argued. "I'm Buffy. And I want to make you feel good." She added enthusiastically, "With my tongue."

"Oh god," Tara groaned in disbelief, shielding her eyes with her arm.

"Just relax, Tara," soothed Willow. "If you want, I could help you forget in the morning too."

"No!" Tara said, trying to hold on to the sheet that the Bot was pulling off of her. "Just..."

Buffybot hushed her with a sudden kiss. When she finally broke away, Tara sputtered in protest. When Buffy's lips closed over her nipple, Tara couldn't help but moan.

Willow grinned.

Tara tried to regain her sensibility as a skilled, superhuman tongue worked its way down her abdomen and straight to her sex. "Oh, god...This is...This is..."

"Shhh..." Willow went to work, taking her lover's nipple into her mouth and rolling the other between her fingertips.

"Oh my--Oh god..." Tara gasped. "So fast!"

"Mmm..." Willow guided Tara's hand down to rest on Buffy's head.

"But--Feels so...so real," Tara managed to say. "The...everything...How..."

"Just enjoy it, baby," Willow murmured, continuing to nibble and lick.

Buffybot repeatedly thrust her tongue into Tara's wet entry, eliciting a series of surprised "Oh!"s from the girl's lips. Finally, she lapped at her clitoris.

Tara bucked forward, her orgasm involuntary. "OHH! GOD!"

Buffybot remained there, consuming every outpour, weathering every thrash of the girl's body beneath her. Then she lifted her head and smiled wide, her mouth and nose gleaming with Tara's shiny paste. "Will you let me play now?"

Willow said, "Definitely."

"You mean there's more?" Tara asked, short of breath.

"Oh, yeah," Willow replied.

"That was only the first three minutes of my program," Buffybot explained brightly, sitting back on her heels. "Willow programmed fifty-seven minutes of lesbian activity."

"Fifty-seven?" Tara marveled, not sure she could handle even one more second.

"Yes," Buffybot answered eagerly. "But I'll start the program over afterwards if you want."

"Um, no, I don't think that's--"

"We'll see how it goes," Willow shrugged, and extended her arms. "C'mere."

Buffybot crawled towards Willow and straddled her nude form. She took Willow's hands in hers, guiding them up her belly and over her surprisingly not-so-synthetic breasts. She shut her eyes and whimpered, "Touch me all over, Willow!"

Tara's eyebrow shot up. Touch me all over, Willow?

Just then, the Bot rolled forward to sandwich herself between them. Lying on her back, she took Tara's hand as well. "Touch me all over. Kiss me. Love me."

Willow leaned in to kiss Buffy's cheek, and, making sure Tara was occupied, she moved to Buffy's mouth. Tara was right. It did feel real. And...amazing.

She ran her fingers languidly down Buffy's torso, bumping into Tara's hand along the way. She smiled to herself.

"Yes...love me," Buffybot said.

Willow reached the coarse hair and the soft folds below, miraculously slick with fluid.
Exploring further, she found that, besides the unusual symmetry of her nether region, there wasn't much difference between the robot and a real girl.

Buffybot gasped at the witches' ministrations, just as Willow had programmed her to.

Tara had passed the point of no return. She wasn't sure how she'd feel about this in the morning, but she'd stopped worrying once she'd realized how titillating it was to see her girlfriend with another girl. The jealousy was killing her...And getting her hot.

"I want you to go down on her," Tara said suddenly.

Once Willow recovered from her double-take, she slid down the Buffybot and spread her legs wide.

Okay, momentary strangeness. This was Buffy's body, after all...or at least, as well as Spike had imagined it. And the fact that it wasn't really Buffy...

Well, tonight it was Buffy. And tonight, Buffy was a raging dyke.

Willow laughed to herself and lowered her mouth.

Okay, definitely didn't taste too real, but she could work on that...

What am I saying?

Willow shut off her thought process to lick in earnest. Buffybot shuddered against her mouth.

And suddenly, the Bot was Buffy. Alive. Happy. And all hers.

Tara watched Willow eat her best friend's pussy with aplomb. More jealousy bolted through her, translating into an aching sensation between her thighs. She grabbed hold of Buffy's chin and kissed her deeply, making sure to moan loudly.

Willow glanced up at the display. Tara was really enjoying herself now. Really...enjoying herself. Huh.

She pressed her mouth harder against Buffy's sex, getting a nice quake and shimmy in return. Holding on tightly to Buffy's ass and shaking her head as she plowed her tongue in and around those scintillating folds, she quickened the pace until a bleating cry pierced the air.

Willow smiled smugly.

She'd made Buffy come.

Tara said, "Did you like that?"

Willow looked up guiltily, afraid that her lover was angry with her.

Apparently, she was talking to Buffy. Fire reflecting in her eyes, Tara was twisting a nipple in her grasp as she waited for a response.

"I loved it!" Buffy gushed. "I want more!"

"She wants more," Tara challenged.

"Uh...why don't you give her more?" Willow deferred.

"Come up here and kiss her first. I think she wants you to kiss her. Do you want Willow to kiss you, Buffy?"

"Oh yes! I love the way Willow kisses me."

"She loves the way you kiss her," Tara said coldly.

Slowly, Willow rose, and climbed up Buffy's body, searching Tara's unreadable expression. "Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"I'm sure," Tara said, her breath hitching.

Willow caught on. This is turning her on!

She slackened her elbows to give Buffy a long, ostentatious kiss until she felt Tara move on the bed, positioning herself below them.

Tara pried both sets of legs apart, and peered up to see them, pussy to pussy. Willow to Buffy. She moved in to stab a pointed tongue against the spot where their bodies met. They jolted.

Willow couldn't believe how well this was turning out. She smiled down at Buffy, who beamed at her adoringly.

"Oh, Willow," Buffy effused, and kissed her hard.

Tara watched the come ooze out of her girlfriend and onto Buffy. She dove in to catch it in her mouth, and licked up and down them from ass to ass, happy to hear Willow squeal.

She sat up to kneel, slipping two fingers into Willow, and two fingers into Buffy. Working both hands at once, her vision blurred as she watched them moan and writhe against each other.

Willow began to rub herself wildly against Buffy, who returned every bump and grind while snaking her arms around her, fingers flurrying up and down the witch's spine.

"I'm gonna come again!" Buffy yelped, squeezing Willow tightly.

"Come for me," Willow whispered into her ear.

"Yes! Yes Willow! Yes Tara!"

"I want you to come together," Tara prodded, and expertly hit each girl's g-spot with her strong fingertips.

"Unhhhhh!" Willow wailed as she convulsed in orgasm.

"Yeeeees!" Buffy cried, pitching her hips forward.

Panting and shaking, Willow opened her eyes to see Buffy smiling at her.

Or, more accurately, a robotic version of her best friend.

Suddenly consumed by intense pangs of guilt, Willow whimpered and sat up. What had she done? This was wrong. Very, very...

"I need to come again," Tara gasped.

When Willow turned to face her lover, every worry melted away. She'd never looked so sexy. "Me this time," she drawled.

Tara buckled backward as Willow kissed her passionately, then traveled down her body to her swollen lips. "Oh, Willow..."

Lying on her side, Buffybot watched with keen interest as Willow devoured her lover, using her fingers and tongue, murmuring "I love you's" into her downy hair.

In minutes, Tara reached a powerful climax.

Willow moved back up again to whisper in Tara's ear. "I'm sorry...do you hate me?"

"I love you," Tara soothed. "Always."

Willow hummed contentedly into her neck.

After a moment, they noticed that the Bot was still there...and still smiling. They shared a look and giggled.

"Come over here, Buffy," Willow said, and brought her close for a hug.

"Are we finished?" Buffybot queried, mid-hug.

Willow looked to Tara. "Are we?"

"What do you think, Buffy?" Tara asked. "Should we stop now?"

She considered this question before answering, "I don't think we should. I can play for much longer, and there are a lot more positions left."

"Like what?" Tara asked, curious about the positions her girlfriend had come up with.

"Like this one!" Buffybot said, and looped one leg over Tara's ear, pulling her to her side, then lifting Willow's thigh to worm her way in. She startled Willow with her agile tongue.

"Oops, forgot about this one," Willow said sheepishly to Tara.

"I can handle this one," Tara replied, and ducked between Buffybot's thighs.

Willow smiled, and maneuvered herself to face Tara's juncture again.

Their bodies creating a messy triangle on the bed, the three proceeded to suck and tease each other's sensitive flesh until...

Buffybot lifted her head to look down at the pair. "Willow? Tara?"

They were asleep: Willow's head nestled between two voluptuous thighs, and Tara using Buffybot's leg as a pillow.

Buffybot poked at Willow. "Willow?"

"Mm?" Willow murmured in slumber.

"What do I do now?"


"Should I start the program over?"

"Mmkay," Willow said, and curled closer to Tara.

"Okay," Buffybot said eagerly, and wrested herself from the two.

She stood up, found her kimono on the floor and slipped it back on, tying the sash shut.

Exiting the room, she closed the door, restarted her program...

...and waited.


SQUICK WARNING: Next part is Buffybot/Dawn. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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