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Peaches & Herbs

Peaches & Herbs
By NautiBitz

Info and Author's Notes: See introduction.

Chapter summary: Magic sex peach + Buffy + Spike = you do the math.

"Well, cake's almost ready, so it's presently present time," Buffy announced.

"But Spike's not here yet."

"He'll have to be filled in on the festivities then. We can't wait around anymore."

"Fine," Dawn relented, but quickly brightened. "What do I open first?"

Buffy picked up a wide envelope from the coffee table. "From Giles."

"Awww. He sent me something from England?"

Buffy nodded, and the gang shared an impromptu moment of silence for the Watcher's conspicuous absence.

Dawn opened the card. "Ooh, fifty bucks! I'm rich!" She waved the bill around.

"Doesn't even read the card," Buffy tsked with a head-shake.

"Yeah, yeah, Dear Dawn, blah blah blah," she squinted at Giles' tiny script. "Too many words. It's the money that counts!"

The gang took turns handing over packages, each gift eliciting a squeal from the birthday girl.

The last gift was unwrapped. "Yes! The Moulin Rouge soundtrack! Thanks guys!" Dawn blew kisses at Xander and Anya.

"Sure thing, Dawnster." Xander addressed the gang. "It's what all the kids are listening to these days. Medleys of recycled pop songs performed by actors who can barely sing."

Dawn had already popped the CD into the stereo. "C'mon Xander, how could you not love this?" She grabbed Xander by the hand and pulled him up to dance as she sang along:

"Looove is a many splendored thing..."

Xander waltzed with Dawn, then grabbed Buffy from her place against the wall and spun her around.

"Stop, stop!" Buffy said, laughing. "I can't listen for the cake and dance at the same time!"

"C'mon, Buff!" Xander said, complete with cha-cha. "Loosen up!"

The buzzer went off in the kitchen. "Maybe later."

* * *

Buffy was spreading the last of the icing when there was a knock at the kitchen door.

She stood on tiptoe to see who it was, and smiled. Spike, soulless vampire, holding a bouquet of yellow roses.

Buffy opened the door and gasped in mock surprise, clutching her chest. "For me?"

"No," Spike snapped, "For Nibblet." Then he sheepishly pulled his other hand from behind his back, revealing a bouquet of pink roses. "These are for you."

Buffy stared at them, a warm feeling invading her body. "Oh." She took his offering, and impulsively dipped her nose to inhale the sweet fragrance. "Um, thanks. Come in."

Spike heard laughter and singing from the other room. "Sounds like she's having a good time."

"Yeah. I'm glad you finally showed."

He gazed at her, hope fleeting across his features.

"Dawn's been asking about you all night," Buffy quickly explained.

"Right," he said, the hope fizzling away. "Then I should--"

"Wait a sec," she said, licking an icinged finger. "Why don't you come out with the cake, you can surprise her."

"You want me to jump out of the cake? I don't think she's quite ready for that, love."

Buffy smirked. "Next to the cake. Walking. Singing. But, not too loud... I've heard your voice."

He chuckled. "Alright."

Spike stood against the counter and watched Buffy squeeze little flowers onto the cake rim. "Well, well. You're quite the little Betty Crocker, aren't you?"

"I never knew I could do this," she said proudly. "Well, at least it looks halfway decent. And the cake didn't fall. Just don't ask me to make filet mignon."

"I like mine raw anyway. Just a touch of gargonzola sauce on the side."

She looked at him. "What's a gargonzola?"

"It's tasty," he said with a quirk of his brow.

She shook her head and picked up a small tube to write on the cake. The music from the living room was turned up a notch, and the words were suddenly very clear.

I was made for loving for you baby
You were made for loving me...

"That song AGAIN?" Buffy complained. "Now I'm gonna have to kill Xander for giving her that CD."

"I'll help," Spike offered.

Buffy snorted. "No, thanks."

As she busied herself with the candles, Spike tapped his fingers on the sink behind him and looked around.

Spotting a lone peach near an open bookbag, he picked it up, weighing it in his hand. "Haven't had one of these in forever," he said before taking a bite.

Buffy turned around. "Spike! That's Will...ow's..."

His eyes had rolled back in ecstasy. "Mm! This is brilliant! Are peaches always this good?" He held it out to her.

She shook her head.

"No, love, you've got to try it."

You crazy fool
I won't give in to you

"No thanks."

"Come on," he urged. "Just a little taste."

Buffy sighed, and plucked the fruit from his hand, taking a small bite on the opposite side of the peach, nowhere near where he'd bitten it... Her eyes widened. "Wow."

"Am I right?"

"This is good!" She took another bite. "This is... amazing!"

He took it back, munching greedily.

Her hand caught his, and they fought for control. She burst into laughter, and their eyes met.

She kissed him lightly on the lips.

Spike was stunned.

"Gimme," she said, swiping it back.

"Hey! You tricked me!"

She giggled, mouth full of peach. "I did."

He grabbed her by the back of her neck and smashed his mouth against hers.

The peach pit dropped to the floor.

We should be lovers...
Just for one day

Buffy's hands tentatively slid up Spike's arms as their peach-flavored tongues intermingled.

Suddenly, she tugged his duster off his shoulders and shoved him against the kitchen island.

He gasped, shocked at her boldness. Especially when she unbuttoned his pants, and lowered to her knees.

"Buff--" He looked around him wildly, hoping no one would come in, and oh GOD who cared?

* * *

"I'll go see what's keeping her," Willow said, and entered the kitchen.

She saw Spike, back against the island, hand banging repeatedly on the counter. He looked like he needed help, and where was Buffy?

"Oh, Christ," she heard him sputter.

She took a step closer. "Sp--"

"Oh, yeah, Buffy...!"

Willow stood there in shock, jaw unhinged, then swiftly spun around, headed for the living room. Gotta keep everyone away from the kitchen.

Why was Buffy doing that? With Spike? Or at all, during her sister's birthday? This just wasn't like her--


"Cake's on it's way," Willow announced nervously to the group. "Just a few more minutes!"

She grabbed Tara and pulled her to a dark corner. "Tara, remember that thing you said about how the peach might be dangerous?"

* * *

Spike couldn't take it anymore. Buffy's mouth was wonderful, but he had to have her, completely.

He pulled her up and flung her over the sink, face first. Lifting her skirt, he pushed her panties down to her knees and rubbed his hand appreciatively over her ample behind. Without thinking, he gave it a sound slap.

"AHH!" Buffy yelped.

Spike stared at his hand, astonished. He'd just inflicted pain, and... nothing. Not even a warning shock.

He could spank her!

Face breaking out into a wicked grin, he dipped his fingers inside of her, using his free hand to dispense a few more spankings.

"You're being very bad," he said, bending down to her ear.

Buffy encouraged him with a whimper.

"Daddy's gonna have to punish you now."

Buffy shivered and moaned as he readied himself at her slick opening.

He thrust into her with one swift motion, and Buffy cried out in pain, feeling the tip of his cock stab at the center of her belly.

"Holy shit," she breathed, grasping at the sinktop, adjusting to his size.

"That's right," Spike sneered, hand sliding down her back. "Get used to it."

He marveled that her inner walls could contract even more when he struck her. She was already squeezing the hell out of him.

Spike yanked her up so he could hold her breasts, feel her hot body against him. He rolled a nipple in his fingers and pinched it, hard.

God, he loved the sound of her voice when she was in pain.

"You like that, do you?" His eyes flashed yellow.

Buffy's hand wrapped around his ass, the other raked through his hair. "Spike... unh..."

He watched the jugular vein pulse on her bared neck. A shiver ran through him.

"I could just eat you up."

* * *

"So, where's my cake?"

"Your cake?" Willow said quickly. "Uh, Buffy had a little fiasco in the kitchen." Wild-eyed, she turned to Tara.

"We're gonna go help her," Tara said. "Stay here."

Standing outside of the kitchen door, attempting to tune out the distinct sex noises, the witches discussed their options.

"It's not gonna wear off soon enough," Willow said.

"How long does it last?"

"Well, it depends on how much they ate--" They heard a bestial roar. "And judging from that, I'm guessing they ate the whole thing. It could last 'til tomorrow."

"So we have to reverse it."

"I can't. I need--" She helplessly motioned to the kitchen. "My bag."

"Well, go get it!"

"You go get it!"

"I'm not gonna get it," Tara said.

"I can't get it," Willow whispered. "She's my best friend, I can't see her like that!"

"I think it's better you see her like that than me."

"Oh fer crying out--" and they did, "loud..." Willow marched into the kitchen.

With pure tunnel vision, she headed straight for her backpack.

"Will," Spike greeted casually, and grunted into his paramour's hair.

Willow straightened. "Uh, hi," she said weakly, refusing to look at the intertwined couple. "Don't mind me." She grabbed her bag and ran out.

She didn't see the blood on Spike's mouth, or the fresh puncture wounds on Buffy's shoulder. Or the kitten rubbing against Spike's leg.

"Was that..." Buffy gasped, "Willow?"

"Yeah," he said with a grimace, pulling her downward.

"Oh," she said on an exhale, and brought his head back to her neck. "More biting now."

* * *

"Good thing I brought these," Willow said, shaking a bag of herbs. "Just in case."

Tara looked disappointed. "I was kinda looking forward to that motel visit."

"We can still go." Willow smiled saucily. "We don't need no peaches."

Tara laughed. "No, we really don't, do we?"

"Not like some people," Willow added, jerking her head towards the kitchen. "But, I guess now we know how Buffy really feels."

"True. But I think there must be better ways."

"With Buffy? Probably not."

They sat in front of the kitchen door and readied the reversal spell.

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