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In Heat

In Heat
By NautiBitz
"For Spike"

Info and Author's Notes: See introduction.

Chapter summary: Buffy and Spike grow closer as they fight demons that turn her into a quivering hornbag. Will they get even closer tonight?

"You got this for me?"

"Yeah." Buffy shrugged, leaning against the porch railing. "Only 'cause I'm sick of fishing cigarette butts out of the potted plants."

Spike thumbed the porcelain ashtray that featured a high relief of a cartoonish devil girl. "I'm touched, Summers." He looked back up at her. I got to come all over you last night and you're gettin' *me* presents?

"Don't be." Buffy shrugged again, averting her gaze.

He put the ashtray down and extinguished his cigarette, exhaling through his nose.

"Ready to fight evil?" Buffy casually flung an axe his way.

"As I'll ever be," he said as he caught it deftly and followed her down the porch steps.

* * *

"Looks like a bust."

They'd traveled around Sunnydale twice and evil had yet to rear its horny head.

"Well, at least I get a night off from being crazy demon slut," Buffy said.

"Thank God." Spike said. "Hate you like that."

She threw him a look. "Shyeah."

"Where to now, pet?"

"I'm thinkin' home," she said, wiping sweat from her forehead. "Possibly dinner. Definitely a cold shower."

He cocked a brow at her.

"Alone," she stressed. "And just because of the heat, Mister... Gutter-mind Man."

"I didn't say anything."

"But you thought it."

"I did. I admit it," he sighed, smiling. He spotted Blockbuster Video in the distance. "Up for a movie?"

"Sure. Anything but 'Bring It On'."

"What's wrong with 'Bring It On'?" He ground a cigarette under his boot. "Bloody brilliant picture."

"Sure, if you like skanky brunettes in cheerleading outfits."

"I'd hardly call her skanky. Just... misunderstood is all."

"Oh, quelle surprise," she said sarcastically. "Spike is thinking with his dick again."

He stopped walking, gasped loudly and pointed at her. "You're jealous!"

Buffy scoffed. "Am not!"

"Are so!"

She gaped, hands resting on her hips. "Can you possibly get over yourself for one millisecond?"

"Admit it, love. You're seething with jealousy 'cause Spike's got a yen for a bird on the telly."

"I am not jealous! I could never be jealous of... someone who calls girls 'birds' or TVs 'tellys'," she huffed. "And 'yen'? Who says that anymore?"

"So I can't fancy anyone but you, 'ey? Can't ever have you, but I can't want anyone else either."

"You are so far off base right now." Her fists clenched. "And completely out of line."

"Oh, am I now?" Spike scoffed. "You know what your problem is, Summers?"

"Please, enlighten me. I'd love--"

Suddenly, Spike fell to the ground, knocked unconscious.


A huge Zuxugna demon stood behind him.

Buffy couldn't understand why she hadn't felt it coming this time.

Maybe because fighting with Spike always turned her on.

The demon gurgled at her and advanced.

"Crap." Spike wasn't moving. "Spike! Wake up you stupid pig!"

She faced the demon and smiled weakly.

"You know," she began as she maneuvered toward the axe. "I really don't think that, that thing of yours will even fit inside me. So let's go find you someone more your species, whattaya think? At least..." she added with a smaller voice, "more your size?"

She managed to reach the axe, but the Zuxugna kicked it far from her reach.

The haze made it hard to see Spike. Her only option was to try to quell her rising sexual appetite, fight off the demon and get to the axe. Okay, strategy, Buffy. Think. ...Not about sex.

Buffy lay before the Zuxugna and cried out, "I give in! I'm helpless against your... slimy manhood!"

When he got close enough, she swiftly kicked his legs out from under him. He toppled onto his back. Though her body pulsed with need, she was able to make a run for the axe. However, when she stood up again, there were three erect demons surrounding her.

"Yay," she said, not very happy at all. "My first gang bang."

She felt a wave of paralyzing pleasure and dropped the axe. Two of them grabbed her arms as Zuxugna #1 whapped a claw across her chest, slicing her tanktop open along with some skin. Blood trickled down her front.

"Okay... now... I'm upset," she said, her wavering voice not quite matching her anger. The more demons there were, the more pheromones apparently filled the air. She was able to fight one this time. But three? Against three she was pretty much screwed.

She groaned. That would be literally.

When the Zuxugna's hideous phallus got close enough, she tried kicking it with all of her diminished power. It spurted a little, then sprang right back to life. "Eugh!"

He readied another claw, this time aiming lower. She realized it was trying to figure out how to get her clothing off. Good thing I don't wear skirts on patrol anymore, she thought, trying to strategize her next move.

Suddenly, an axe came down from nowhere. The Zuxugna gurgled one last time and fell. Spike materialized in the mist.

The two remaining demons went after Spike. "Yeah, come on, you ugly bastards!"

Buffy backed up, her legs giving way, her whole body buzzing with desire.

Not for the demons.

For Spike.

She heard the axe again. Two down. The third came lumbering towards Buffy. Spike stopped him in his tracks.

This time some green, murky spew hit him. "Oh, bloody... hell!"

Buffy giggled.

He stood before her, extending a hand, using the other to wipe gunk off of his cheek. "Miss me?"

"Uh-huh." Take me, take me. Take me now.

He pulled her up to him, inspecting her front. "You're hurt, love."


"Let's get you fixed up."

"'Kay." She coiled around him.

"Ow! Damn!"

Concern etched her features. "What is it, baby?"

"Bloody demon scum burns!" As he tried to rub away the sting with his t-shirt, it occurred to Spike that Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ had just called him 'baby.' He wrapped his free arm around her tenderly.

Fondling his exposed chest, she cooed, "Oh, poor sweet baby! We gotta wash it off."

Her terms of endearment were turning him on but the stinging pain was ruining his fun. "Bloody hell!"

"Town pool!" Buffy pointed down the street.

"Right, let's go."

* * *

"Drained?" Buffy said, staring at the empty pool. "It's practically the middle of summer!"

Spike pointed at a sign that said POOL CLOSED SUMMER 2001 FOR RENOVATIONS.


"Do these showers work?" Spike asked, opening one of the stall doors. He turned a rusted faucet and cold water streamed out. "Come on. Gotta wash out your cuts." He peeled his t-shirt off and stepped in.

Though it was dark in the stall, Spike's preternatural eyesight allowed him to see everything. He spotted a half-empty shampoo bottle and rubbed the soap onto his face and chest and rinsed. Luckily, the pain soon abated.

Buffy was behind him. In a sheer baby blue underwear set. She hissed as the bra hook snagged on her cut.

Spike turned his attention to fixing her up.

She recoiled as he rubbed the shampoo into her wound. "Ow!"

"I've gotta make sure none of it got into you," he explained.

As he ran the water over her cuts, Buffy tugged on his jeans.


She somehow got his belt off and pants open before he could protest. She lathed shampoo over his stomach, then onto his hardening cock. "Gotta make sure."

He could see her minxy little smile as her tiny hands stroked him. She pushed him under the stream of water.

Her mouth met his ear. "Baby, I'm bleeding."

"I know." Blood. Sex. Buffy. Oh God help me.

"Kiss and make better?"

Spike's demon emerged.

Which meant he couldn't be held accountable for what he said next:


Slamming her against the shower wall, Spike lifted her up and licked her wound. He shook with lust as fresh slayer blood warmed his body.

"Spike. Please, I need you," she begged.

That was all the coaxing he needed. He tore off her drenched blue thong and hiked her legs around his waist, suspending her in mid-air.

She gazed into his yellow eyes as she slowly descended, her slick pussy lips kissing his sensitive tip.

No more takin' this slow.

He rammed skyward and roared in lightning-bright ecstasy.

Buffy was wetter than he could imagine, tighter than he thought possible, and hotter than hell. He thought he would die right then and there.

Buffy cried out in delight.

Spike filled every inch of her, hard and cold as marble. She thought she would die right there and then.

It wouldn't be a bad way to go, they thought.

As she slid down, taking him in completely, she whispered, "Perfect fit."

Hungrily, he kissed her, and his face morphed back to its human visage. She stopped to look at him. Her mind flashed back to the dream she'd had. What was it she was reminded of?

Buffy grunted in pleasure when he slammed her against the wall again. So you can inflict pain as long as I'm game.

"Gotta love that chip loophole," she found herself saying out loud.

"God bless the Initiative," Spike agreed.

Initiative. Riley. No, no. Not gonna go there. Buffy pushed away all feelings other than the intense joy that coincided with each thrust of Spike's hips.

"Spike's got you," he said sotto voce, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. "Spike's got you now."

You and your mindreading, Buffy thought with an unbidden thrill. Always know what I'm thinking, even when you pretend you don't...

"Got you," he repeated.

"Yes," she gasped.

"Buffy, Buffy, Buffy," he babbled as he bore into her slick, inviting center.

The door he fucked her against gave and they toppled, naked, to the hard cement that surrounded the pool.

They shared a laugh. "Ow," she said, patting her head.

"You alright, pet?"

Buffy grasped the nape of his neck. "Don't stop."

"Never," he said earnestly, searching her eyes.

She pulled him in for a torrid kiss and wrapped her legs tightly around his.

As he drove into her, harder and faster, he pushed a single repeated sound out of her mouth and into his: "Unh! Unh! Unh!"

"Gonna come," she said, and directed him to the crimson gash over her right breast.

Fucking dream come fucking true was the last coherent thought Spike had before vamping out, sucking her blood hungrily and shooting his load into Buffy's hot core.

Buffy climaxed with a scream, thinking, Never, Never, Never so good...

* * *

Spike slowly became aware of his surroundings. A warm female body underneath him. The smell of coagulated blood. Of... Buffy's coagulated blood.

He extended his forearms to get a better look.

Naked, with a bite mark above her nipple punctuating the slash she'd suffered from the demon, Buffy slept soundly.

The night came crashing back to him. Damn. Damn damn damn...

A bird chirped. A bird? He bolted upright.

It was then that he noticed that it was nearly sunrise. And he was blocks away from shelter.

"Bloody hell!" He hopped to his feet, yanking up the still-damp black jeans that never made it all the way off his legs. "Shirt! Bloody shirt!"

He found it flung across the top of a shower stall. His jacket was lying a few feet away.

His instinct to flee was diverted when he looked at her again. So sweet. So trusting. So... deadly. He sighed. Gonna kill me when she wakes up and sees what I've done to her.

He debated leaving her there. No, she'll kill me either way. May as well get her home first.

If he could just do it without waking her...

Her clothes were piled outside the stall. He quickly tugged her slacks up her legs and pulled the tattered tanktop over her head. "S'not a school day!" she sleep-whined. He chuckled and carefully scooped her up.

As expected, no one paid any mind to the wet vampire running through Sunnydale carrying an unconscious, blood-smeared damsel in his arms.

The sun neared the horizon, giving Spike a horrible chill.

Thank god. Revello Drive.

He ran up the front walk of Buffy's home and kicked the door in.

He thanked the heavens that Dawn was sleeping over at Willow's as he carefully tread up the stairs and into Buffy's room.

Depositing her on the bed, he tucked her in and kissed her forehead. Afraid it would be the last time, he stopped to caress her face.

She moaned and grasped his hand.

Wresting free, he whispered, "Sorry, love," and went for the door.

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